6 Website Design Mistakes That Make You Look Like An Amateur

Like it or not, people do judge a book by it’s cover. In the business world, people judge your business on the quality of your website. In most cases, people equate a good website with a good company that delivers quality products or services. And vice-versa. Don’t fight it. It’s just how things are these […]

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Does your website need some help?

The 4 Most Common (But Fixable) Problems On Websites

When I do a website audit for a client to determine what’s working and what’s not, here are the 4 most common problems that I see: 1. No pictures or videos. The web is a visual medium and people nowadays *expect* to see pictures or videos on websites. Sites without pictures are boring and outdated, […]

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Smartphone and mobile websites.

Mobile Apps vs Mobile Websites – Similarities & Differences

Well, it looks like the “mobile revolution” is not going to be a passing fad after all. It’s here to stay. Time to invest a few bucks and provide your customers and clients with a mobile-friendly experience when they visit your business on their smartphone. The novelty’s worn off. They expect it now. The $64,000 […]

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Why People Don't Trust Your Testimonials

Why People Don’t Trust Your Testimonials

It’s ridiculously easy for people to post phony information on the Internet. Anyone can do it. So we need to accept this and provide prospects with additional layers of “meta data” to let them know we can be trusted and they’re safe doing business with us. Testimonials from satisfied customers can help our credibility a […]

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Case Study: 42% Boost In Conversion By Doing This One Little Thing

(This case study comes from our friends over at LeadPages.net. ) One of their clients, www.mybetterlife.ca, recently conducted a split test on one of their landing pages that saw a 42.54% boost in conversion by altering just one element. What do you think they changed? If you said headline, ad copy or offer you’d be […]

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